Happy holidays from us at GOTeam Racing

It’s the most wonderful time of a “crazy” year. On behalf of GOTeam Racing and all of its members we would like to wish you happy holidays. We really hope you and and your closest stay safe and healthy. Looking forward to a more normal year for 2021.
For GOTeam 2020 has been another successful year with many goals and milestones reached.
Big thanks to all the league organisers, competitors and everybody else that is passionate about simracing and puts effort to make it even better.
A special gratitude to our partners and sponsors:
– to the leading car tuning specialist BSR Sweden for continueing believe in us
– to the best hamburger chain in the North of Sweden – BigSmajl
– to Onionhost for proving us with webhosting services
– to 3DRap – the innovative 3D printing company from Italy
– to Sparco Gaming – the world most-renowned racing gear brand and their gaming division

Expect a full 2020 summary of our activities released in January. Until then, do your part in limiting the effects of the pandemic and keep pushing!

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