P1-Gaming e.V. Le Mans series ends with a solid 2nd place for GOTeam

One final time our Oreca 07 LMP2 engine roared to life in this year’s P1-Gaming e.V. LMS (Le Mans) season on rFactor2 simracing platform. The 12 hours of Sebring would be the longest round, and on a track that is equally technical and unforgiving, it would take a faultless performance to clinch the victory.

Mathias Ronzani going for a move on the leader

After a dominant qualifying, we pulled away at the start, quickly extending our lead to over 30 seconds. As it turned out, our main rivals would become Buttler-Pal Motorsport, who had lost some time in a start incident. A fascinating battle ensued, one that was fought on track as well as on the pit wall. Buttler-Pal chose to triple stint their tyres, whilst we considered double stinting to be the best option. As a result, postions switched after almost every stop, and timely overtakes were needed on multiple occasions to take advantage of our fresher tyres. At the very end we had a good hand, catching the leaders at a fast rate with our car sporting fresher tyres. However, things did not go our way and we fell just short of the much coveted win.

LMP2 in the night Sebring
Racing in the night – always a special feeling

The late call to join the P1 LMS season after 3 of the 8 Rounds had been raced turned out to be a brilliant one as we encountered fierce yet fair competition, a friendly community and a highly professional organisation. Moreover, the season was eminently successful, with 2 wins and a podium to celebrate. The fact that we came second in the team standings shows what might have been possible if we had been there from the beginning. Our Congratulations go out to Buttler-Pal Motorsport for deservedly winning the title. This great rivalry will certainly continue in the future and we can’t wait to race each other again.
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