2nd place overall in the official Swedish iRacing League for our top driver Henrik

We are very happy and proud that our iRacing driver Henrik Lindoff has achieved an impressive 2nd place in the total standings of the Swedish iRacing League GTE cup, Season 2. After achieving top 5 in all rounds and coming 2nd in three of them he was only 10 points behind the champion, Carl E Jansson from Radicals online.

Henrik in his Ferrari 488 GTE race car

The league is held on the worlds leading simracing platform, iRacing. It is fair to say that the best Swedish iRacing simracing drivers were present and made a fierce competition. All the races were broadcasted very professionally, check them out here (in Swedish):

The cars are GTE meaning Grand Touring Endurance – special versions of popular GT cars like the Ferrari 488, Ford GT with focus on reliability. The cars are quite a challenge to drive with over 500 hp, no ABS brakes or traction controll. Adding tyre wear, degradation and overheating over the length of 45 minutes makes this quite a challenge.

GOTeam Racing is aiming to continue this strong performance for the next season with more drivers joining the league. The aim is to be top 3 in the team championship.

Race on!

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