GOTeam up for the toughest competitions

After a great Swedish summer, maybe too warm for some, it’s time to get back to serious racing. A lot of preparations are going on in the team for the upcoming championships.

In rFactor2 we are proud to be selected among more than 80 applications to take part in the GPVWC International Touring Cup. This year there will be two divisions where GOTeam will be in Div. 2 as a debutant team. The car of choice is the Honda Civic with Georgi and Oliver behind the wheel. The team goal is to advance to Div 1 for next year which means being top 4 in the team total standings. Season starts 23rd of August, stay put for streaming.

In iRacing we are very happy to announce our participation in the 3rd season of the Swedish Iracing league, this time with two teams!
GOTeam Röd driving the mighty Porsche RSR with Alejandro Leiro and Oliver Silva behind the wheel.
GOTeam Blå featuring last seasons pair – Danny Sollo in his Ford GTE and last seasons runner-up Henrik Lindoff in the Ferrari 488 GTE.
Season starts on 28th of August and we aim high. Stay with us for more action.

Danny has made his debut in the renowned SocksOutRacing SuperTruck V8 series, He’s representing the team on board of the Toyota Tundra and achieved a solid top 10 in his inaugural race. Tomas continues his Nascar career taking part of the Nascar iRacing Series where he is often a top 5 finisher.

In Racerooms AMG DTM competition Georgi is leading the team strongly and is currently P42 in world in the global standings. Still lacking pace to challenge the “aliens” leading the board but improving day by day.

What an exciting autumn is ahead of us!

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