Year 2018 for GOTeam Racing – from good to great

Dear followers and partners,

First of all, thank you for being part of GOTeam racing’s journey during 2018 and we hope you continue to be with us for this new year 2019 . This article will try to summarize 2018 and give you insight to what is ahead of us in 2019. So let’s start!

GOTeam Racing in 2018:

Members: We started the year with 4 full-time members and drivers. Now we have 9 active full-time drivers plus 3 part-time drivers. Moreover, we have achieved our mid-term goal to strengthen the team with engineers. We recruited Nikhil and Adi who are both graduates in Automotive Engineering specializing in Vehicle Dynamics. Time to define the framework of the engineering team and start getting some edge over the competition.

GOTeam also recruited a media specialist, Ranbir, doing awesome video clips and other creative work.

We aim to continue gradual and qualitative growth with focus on local Swedish talent. However, the focus will still be to develop our current drivers and lift their level instead. We have all the tools to do so – experience, support, engineering team etc.

Partners: During 2018 we had Onionhost join as strategic partner to secure the IT infrastructure of the team. Later the well renown Sparco Gaming joined us as partner providing the team with discounts on their products as well as publicity. Lastly, BSR Tuning got on-board which has showed to be a great partnership so far. We are very grateful to have you all, thank you once more!

Media: During the year we did a promotional campaign with Sparco Gaming in our social media and gave away some discount vouchers. With BSR we did a promotional video to publish on their social media. We have seen a steady growth in followers and subscribers to all our social platforms.

Results and participations:

On the international stage we accomplished this:

  • first participation in team endurance events – the VLN Winter series and the M1 Endurance (on rF2). Very positive experience where we finished with all cars. Looking forward to more of this in 2019!
  • Our Oval guru Tomas finished as Nr1 in Scandinavia in Nascar iRacing Series
  • Danny won the F2 championship in ABL Formula Neagle
  • Our debut in the world’s leading rF2 league – GPVWC. There we raced in the International Touring Cup finishing 7nd in our first season and 5th in the drivers table for Georgi. After that we got accepted in their formula ladder where we will have the entry level Formula Challenge (more or less a F3 car) to run from February to November
  • We won both Div A and B of rF2 Rookie league in the touring car class by domination the season in our Vauxhall Astra BVTCC
  • On Raceroom Experience AMG-DTM eRacing competitions we had Georgi achieve #46 in the global standings and #1 in Sweden

At national level the year included:

  • In the Swedish iRacing League (Season 3) we had three teams plus one driver. This we were the team with most drivers on the grid and that paid off – we got a 2nd place in the team standings. Hopefully, next season we can aim for taking the titles
  • Henrik finished 2nd in the total standings of Swedish iRacing League (Season 2)
  • On rF2 side and the yearly BTCC touring cup organized by G.I.R.L. we came 6th in the team standings in our debut season. The current season we are leading the team standings and hold 2nd in the drivers
  • We won a local competition, BestDrive Tagene Challenge and won a prize for two – a ride in the Otto Racing Ginetta G55 GT4 racing car!
  • And finally we qualified to finals of the first officially sanctioned Swedish SimRacing championship. So far we have Georgi but others will join him

A list of competitions we currently know we will be active in during 2019:

iRacing: Weekend Warriors SRF, V8 super trucks, NASCAR iRacing Series, SIL, Absolute Beginners League and stay tuned for coming team events!

rFactor2: SVTCC, GPVWC Formula Challenge, Svenska Mästerskapet (SM) 2019, and
Team participations in M1 Endurance

Others: During the autumn we had the inaugural GOTeam meetup at the last round of STCC at Mantorp. There we got a private visit to the winning GT4 team Otto Racing and heard some interesting insights from them. The aim is to make these meetups a tradition for the team.

Apart from that all team members received free apparel in form of caps and personalized t-shirts from our main sponsor BSR Tuning.


What a exciting 2018 it has been! So much has happened and a lot of opportunities are ahead of us. We are 1,5 year-old team and are steadily heading in line with our vision – to make GOTeam Racing the most recognized Nordic SimRacing brand while lifting Swedish virtual motorsports internationally. Our mission is to provide a platform for ambitious drivers, engineers and media professionals to learn and develop. This way we aim to become the most known and successful Swedish SimRacing outfit both nationally and globally.

So thank you very much and let us make 2019 even more successful and inspiring!

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