One month into Covid-19 – what is goteam racing up to?

We are amid the worst of times in recent human history. And while the real world is standing still the virtual motorsport and simracing are experiencing an enormous increase in events, views and participation. From national entry level racing to F1, Indy and NASCAR stars everybody is going online. 

It is with mixed feelings that we at GOTeam Racing are facing this new reality. We are of course deeply saddened by the current events and loss of lives. At the same time we are very happy to see more and more people being interested in virtual motorsports. This is a huge opportunity for all of us in the simracing world to learn, practice, improve our skills and do what we love. 

At GOTeam Racing we are preparing for the upcoming races with some new routines – practicing overtaking while maintaining at least two meters distance as well as keeping away from mid-pack action. Some of our guys are starting to have problems fitting in their VR headsets due to excessive hair growth, and one of us damaged his screen while trying to sanitize the virtual steering wheel during a driver swap. 

On a more serious note we hope this whole situation will fry over fast and we can all return back to our normal lives. We also hope that the motorsport world will embrace simracing as a vital part of its new “normal”.

Stay home and stay safe! 

GOTeam Racing

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