Merry Christmas!

Dear readers,

It is this time of the year when everything is hope for the future and reflections back to the year that has past.

For the GOTeam the future looks bright. As we have previously announced on our Facebook page we have got a new member joining our line-up. His name is Adrian Holm and he will be our Setup & driver development specialist. His main contribution will be Hhlping our drivers tune their racing cars and adjust setups accordingly for each occasion. This recruitment is a crucial one and the team is looking forward to working with Adrian. Hopefully we will start seeing direct results of his immense experience in simracing and tuning.

Adrian started with simracing 2006 in a Swedish F1 league and race there until 2011 when it ceased to exist. Then it was touring cars and V8 supercars that took his attention for two years. After that he has raced in different touring cars and cups. His simracing career includes many wins mostly on rFactor platform but also on iRacing. Here is a short list of his achievements:

  • GPVCW ITC 2013  Champion
  • TPS 2014 Virtual Touring Masters Champion
  • GPVWC ITC 2016  Champion

Warm welcome to the team Adrian!


Reflecting back on 2017 and what a journey! Two of us established the team in April with the goal to take our hobby to the next level and become one of the leading Nordic Simracing teams. Since then we have grown to include 5 drivers and one setup specialist. We have gained valuable experience in the leagues we are participating and learning our lessons. Showing pace Moreover, we are getting our name known both nationally and on international level.

Next year’s focus will be to preserve what achieved so far and consolidate as well as look for partners who see potential in simracing. Of course winning and getting results is what we are here for so we hope to get a strong finish in the BTCC cup we participate as well as the gokart cup. On iRacing side our drivers have all been promoted to higher licenses meaning new cars and challenges. All drivers showed good pace earning them some pole positions and podium places. Well done guys, we are proud of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for being with us!


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