Kings of the “Mountain” – Winners of 4H of Bathurst

Last Sunday GOTeam Racing attacked The Mountain (Mount Panorama aka Bathurst in Australia) with three BMW M6 GT3’s for a 4H Endurance feature hosted by Chequered Flag Simsports. Event was held on rFactor2 simracing platform.

After a close qualifying in an insanely competitive field, we qualified 3rd, 14th and 16th respectively.

Just like real life - Bathurst endurance races start very early in the morning before dawn
Just like real life – Bathurst endurance races start very early in the morning before dawn

During the opening laps the race ended in tears for the #77 driven by Mathias Ronzani in an unfortunate racing incident.

The #97 driven by Moriz Mehl was engaged in a tough battle with the #28 in P4 whilst the Rookie Monsters Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 driven by Matt Beavis was spearheading the field.

A code 80 mid-way through the race handed the #97 a strategic opportunity to pit for fuel and tires. Meanwhile, both leading cars opted to stay out. The #7 driven by Waltteri Karjalainen was in 3rd place for a short while but was later set back to 8th place after a pit-stop.

Mount Panorama simracing rFactor2 GT3
Bathurst is a very narrow track for racing which makes it even more exciting!

Later, Christian Pallesen consolidated the #7’s way into a top 10 position which was ended by the unforgiving mountain.

After three hours of nerve-wrecking laps through the Mountain – inches away from certain death – a code 80 before the final fuel window caused the race to culminate in a strategic play-off between the #97 driven by guest driver Timotej Andonovski, the #27 Wave Freem and the #99 driven by Matt Beavis.

The #97 saved time by performing the final tyre change under a code 80, but this meant that a splash and dash 3 laps before the end was in order, costing roughly 20 seconds.

Sundawn at the top of the mountain at Bathurst
Sundawn at the top of the mountain at Bathurst

With Matthew Beavis on a charge, the #99 closed in rapidly. Then, however, their thirsty Mercedes engine left them in the need to save fuel, and the gap started to stabilize.

Much more worryingly, the #27 on fresher tyres was devouring the gap of the #97 with qualifying-style laps. A spin by Andonovski down the mountain added fuel to the fire.

It was long unsure if the #97 could maintain the required gap, but a masterclass in pressure resistance on the part of Andonovski resulted in the #97 winning with just short of 16 seconds across the finish line between the #97 and the Wave Freem eSports car that had passed the #99.

Respectively, a lot of blood, sweat and tears brought the #7 back into 13th place.

What an amazing feature from Moriz Mehl, Waltteri Karjalainen and Christian Pallesen, and special thanks to Timotej Andonovski for the sublime drive!

Timotej celebrating our Chequred Flag Simpsports 4h of Bathurst victory with some smoke!
Timotej celebrating our victory with some smoke!

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