Racing for the GOTeam

Competing under the flags of the GOTeam is a matter of pride and honor for all of us. The team is a part of our lives and we wish it becomes a part of yours. We encourage all team members to have the same commitment as well as to respect the team. Most of all we would like all of us to have fun in this journey together while sharing the joy of becoming better racing drivers. We have a set of five rules to follow which are in line with the team’s values and vision:

  • Always read the rules of the competitions you are taking part in. Be sure to understand and follow them, If you don’t understand something, ask!
  • Always treat the other competitors and teammates with respect. Part of being a racing driver is to control your emotions when competing under pressure.
  • Finish your races. Each race gives you valuable experience and learning opportunity, don’t quit after an incident or an error. There will be people failing to complete the race. The first step to victory is to finish!
  • Ask for help and advice. New car? New track? You are part of a team and we are here to help!
  • Help others. Share what you have learned and give your teammates feedback. You are a part of a team and we are here to grow together!

Enjoy the journey!  GOTeam!

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