Vacancy: Driver & In-house Designer


GOTeam Racing is looking for an in-house designer to help us out with our online presence. It typically regards 1-2 social media poster designs per month. We’re looking for a designer who can make professional-looking designs to help us maintain an online presence. Your only responsibilities will be to compile posters (and occasionally videos) and prepare them for use on social media.

In return, we will offer you a seat and access to all our facilities and programs just like our full members, allowing you to opt-in for competitions.

Team profile

GOTeam Racing is the most renowned simracing team in Sweden. BSR Performance is our main sponsor. The team is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We’re a small, competitive Esports team with predominantly Swedish drivers but since 2019 we also have some other Scandinavian and international drivers. On the iRacing side, we frequently drive special events with – for example – drivers from Veloce Esports and Sauber Esports. The foundation of our team lies in real-life engineering. We’re a close team and consider simracing a sport – not “just” a game for entertainment. We find team dynamics more important than your average Esports team and we race at a competitive level. The team does everything to facilitate its drivers from driver development to help with setups. We have two dedicated in-house engineers with real-life expertise and education in motorsports and vehicle dynamics for each division.

GOTeam Racing drives primarily on the rFactor 2 and iRacing platforms. In 2019, on rFactor 2, GOTeam finished 1st in the Chequered Flag Endurance 12 Hours of Le Mans, winning its first major endurance event. GOTeam Racing qualified Robin Östlund and Georgi Nedev for the historic inaugural Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia eSports final at Porsche Stockholm finishing 6th and 10th. In November, the team finished 3rd in the P1-Gaming 24H of Nordschleife driving the Porsche 911 Cup Car. In February 2020, in the 12h of Bathurst, the iRacing division finished 2nd and 5th respectively behind Team Redline and in front of Red Bull Racing eSports in the Porsche 911 Cup Car.

Job context

Throughout 2019 the team had a driver who was our in-house designer but he ended up preoccupied with his career. 2019 was the year in which we consolidated our team as the most renowned simracing team of Sweden. In 2021, we want to solidify the GOTeam Racing brand. Because of that, it is important for us that our management and marketing team can dedicate time to developing an overarching communication strategy, instead of being preoccupied with promotional activities in 2020.


  • Design approximately 1 to 2 posters per month to be posted on social media channels for relevant competitions.
  • Adapt poster design to dimensions of corresponding social media channels.
  • Occasionally record and edit videos to be used for promotion.
  • Maintain relations with team manager + media manager to coordinate communication strategy.

What you can expect from us

  • We have a document with brand guidelines.
  • You’re not a social media manager, so you don’t have to maintain social media channels / posts.
  • Copy for posters will be provided to you, but any knowledge of copy in grammatically correct English is welcome.
  • The team maintains an image bank with relevant images for you to choose from. You don’t have to take screenshots in-game!
  • We communicate in-time when possible to avoid last-minute requests. Rather quality over fast turn-around.


We don’t have a budget as of now but one of our goals in 2021 will be to financially compensate everybody that contributes to the team’s longevity. Right now, it would be too much to cover for us even with sponsorship. This could mean – for instance – a pay-per-design format in the future.

Instead, what we can offer you is a place in our team. We will accept you as one of our own. You’ll be treated as every other driver. You will get access to our driver development program, setups, liveries and you will be able to opt-in for a seat in championships and special events. You may also make use of our dedicated team engineers. All-in-all, what we can offer is a shared passion for simracing and the tools to grow beyond what you would be capable of on your own in a team with a proven track-record and snowballing potential.


  • You can show us a portfolio of digital designs you have made in the past.
  • You DON’T need an education or background in graphics design or video production. You don’t have to be a professional.
  • You have an interest in graphics design.
  • You can dedicate about 4 hours of your time a month to producing promotional material.
  • You’re proficient in the English language.
  • Due to the timezone, you’re based in Europe – preferably Sweden.


  • Having experience and skills in video editing and production for promotional videos.
  • You have a serious attitude to simracing and a hunger to develop as a driver.
  • Past experience in racing/esports/sports and how those businesses work.

Contact us at and we will get in touch with you